What to Look for in a High Quality Bin Bolt

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If you need to make repairs to your grain bin and are looking for new grain bin bolts, you should be looking for high-quality bolts. If you’re constructing a new grain bin, you should ensure you are building with high-quality materials. There are a number of things you should consider when looking for a high-quality grain bin bolt.

What kind of bin bolt do you need?

First of all, what kind of grain bin are you building? Once you determine what type of grain bin you’re going to construct, you can determine what kind of bin bolt you will need. There are many different types of grain bin bolts. There are also several grades and sizes. Be sure you know what kind you need for your production.


It’s important to check the bolt grade. This correlates with the strength, which determines the safe load. Your bin bolts must be strong enough to hold the required load. Different grades of metal may be used resulting in different levels of quality. If you opt for a cheaper, lower quality bin bolt, it will not be able to support as much weight as the high-quality bolts. Depending on the grade, the safe load will vary. Grade 2 is a low end hardware grade steel and is the least expensive. Grade 5 bolts are stronger as they are hardened to increase strength. Grade 8 bolts are even stronger, hardened even more than grade 5 bolts. These are used in demanding applications.


You want to build a grain bin that is going to last. Look for high-quality grain bin bolts to guarantee durability. Check the materials used. Some companies save costs on materials and sell lower quality bin bolts that are more likely to fail under stress. Some bolts are threaded and handled carelessly, so be sure to check the threading. Other external factors can contribute to bolt damage as well, so be sure to use high-quality bolts to construct your grain bin.

You may be tempted to purchase cheaper materials for your manufacturing process, but you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to bin bolts. You want to make sure you are buying high-quality bolts for your grain bin. If the bin bolts you buy aren’t strong enough, your grain bin could split. Where does that leave you? Now you have to spend even more money to repair the damage. Do your homework and find out what you need. Always look for high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability.

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