springs-1Wallbank Manufacturing designs and manufactures precision coil springs that are of high quality and always shipped on time. We understand the needs of our clients and many industries, including automotive and agriculture. And we manufacture to the exceptionally high standards required for your precision coil springs. We are ISO/TS Certified. Springs that are designed using our protoyping service always meet the exact specifications required by our client, and where just-in-time ordering and delivery are key, we deliver small batch orders on time every time.

Wallbank develops and designs springs from the highest grade materials. The most common materials are chrome silicon, oil tempered wire, hard drawn MB, music wire, Inconel and stainless steel. Whether with these materials or others, we work with engineers, machine experts and purchasing managers to ensure you receive the quality design, material and manufacturing process you need for your valuable component, part or equipment.

We’ve worked with customers to deliver:

  • Prototype design, small batch manufacturing and automated manufacturing for springs as customer order volumes grow
  • On time every time for custom springs
  • The best price springs for custom needs
  • Pricing for cross border shipped products that measures up to offshore competitive alternatives and faster shipping/shorter lead times


As a compression spring is compressed the force it exerts increases. And as the coils make contact the spring’s ability to exert force is reduced. Compression springs do not need attachment points to function like other spring types. Compression springs are the best solution for products such as pens to valves and are often the cheapest and most reliable solution.

We manufacture wire sizes ranging from .008″ to .354″ diameter (0.2 mm to 9.0 mm). Almost any shape and a variety of ends.


Designed and wound to be acted on rotationally, and to provide an angular return force. There are often many options for leg configuration so the spring can be attached in different ways. Torsion springs are excellent choice for hood and trunk latches, steering columns, transmissions, garage doors and seats.

We manufacture wire sizes ranging from .016″ to .320″ (0.4 mm to 8 mm) in any shape required.


Extension springs are the optimal solution when something needs to be returned to its original starting position after use or actuation. We provide a wide variety of shapes, metals and finishes, depending on the unique application and needs of our customer. Some uses for this type of spring would include automotive brakes, trampolines, bicycle kick stands, automatic door closing devices.

We manufacture wire sizes ranging from.016″ to .354″ (0.4 mm to 9.0 mm)

Belt Tensioner Spring

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