Wallbank Manufacturing manufactures bolts and nuts through our Bolts Unlimited division. We pride ourselves on our high quality and on time delivery. We understand the needs of our clients and many industries, including automotive and agriculture. We exclusively manufacture North American Steel to the exceptionally high standards required for your precision bolts. And where just-in-time ordering and delivery are key, we deliver small to large orders on time, every time.

Wallbank works with engineers, machine experts and purchasing managers to ensure you receive the quality material and manufacturing process you need to depend on. We are ISO/TS Certified.

We’ve worked with customers to deliver:

  • Small and large batch manufacturing and automated manufacturing for bolts as customer order volumes grow
  • Dependable timely deliveries for custom and standard stock bolts
  • The best pricing for your custom bolts needs
  • Pricing for cross border shipped products that measures up to offshore competitive alternatives and faster shipping/shorter lead times
  • Bolts in the material required; Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass or Copper
  • Bolts in many dimensions: 0.250″ to .625″ in diameter and up to 5.0″ inches long
  • Custom solutions such as thread repair, custom packaging and labelling, and custom coating.


Wallbank manufacturers a wide variety of fasteners for grain bin and storage builders along with a range of nuts. Standard steel grade 2, 5 and 8.2 continue to meet the needs of many customers.

Nut variations include flange (plain and serrated), finished hexagon, heavy hexagon, and square. And our size range spans from ¼ to 3/8 inch.

Learn more about how WallBank, a North American company with ISO/TS Registration has been helping customers by providing bolts, springs and wire formings for over 60 years. We produce high quality custom bolts and springs, have flexible production runs and can operate on short lead times.

Serrated Nut

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