How to Find the Right Custom Fasteners for Your Industrial Machine

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Regardless of the business you are in—healthcare, furniture, automotive, agricultural, environmental, or other—if your company manufactures industrial machines, you may find it difficult to find custom fasteners when you need them. Industrial machines are often unique and distinct, so attempting to find the right fasteners is likely difficult or even impossible.

Fortunately, you can avoid the hassle and frustration of searching endlessly for fasteners that fit the machines you are producing when you buy them custom made.

Here’s how to find the right custom fasteners for the machinery that you manufacture.

Know exactly which size and grade of fasteners you need.

Before you invest in fasteners for your machinery production, make sure you know exactly which size you will need. Diameters and lengths of fasteners vary widely in slight increments. You need to measure your fasteners precisely, to ensure that you are buying the right product from the beginning. When you buy custom made, you will need to provide detailed specifications regarding your unique fasteners, so it is best to know exactly what you need ahead of time.

Find a company that has multiple plating options.

Companies that provide custom-made fasteners can help you define the appropriate plating for your application. Engineering expertise and design support are always included in your custom order, so you know your plating is done according to your needs. Depending on your type of fastener usage, you may need different types of finishes, protection, or plating. With custom plating, you can choose from a wide variety of coatings and finishes, whether you need zinc, manganese, rust inhibitors or something else. You will get precisely what you need in the fasteners you are ordering, with a fast turnaround time.

Find a company with a stocking program.

When a company has a stocking program in place, you will know that your product is always accessible to you, whenever you need it. With stocking programs, you can get large volumes of custom fasteners without the wait. 

Decide if you want customized packaging.

With customized packaging, fastener manufacturing companies can reduce your cost and provide you with accessibility options to reduce wasted time as well. They will package your fasteners according to containers, weight, and size, and ensure that your labelling requirements are met, too. This unique packaging option allows for faster integration with your handling and inventory systems.

Avoid the Hassle with Custom Fasteners.

Most manufacturers only stock the popular, typical sizes and materials of fasteners. If the equipment you are manufacturing is custom made and unique, you could have a very hard time finding fasteners that fit. When you find a company that can customize your fasteners, you know you will always be buying exactly what you need, when you need it. So avoid the headaches of procuring fasteners from one-size-fits-all companies and buy custom-made fasteners for the industrial machines you are manufacturing instead. When you choose custom made, you know you will get the quality and integrity that you are looking for.

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