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3 Reasons Why Design Is So Important in Belt Tensioner Springs for Agriculture

Agricultural machinery is used for hard work on uneven, rough terrain. So, it’s expected that the belt tensioner springs used in these machines are heavy duty, built to last, and designed to work as efficiently as possible under hard conditions. Belt tensioner spring design is especially important in agriculture in order to achieve maximum performance, and here are three reasons why.

Get the Right Belt Tensioner Spring for the Right Job

Heavy agricultural equipment is used for heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing. The machinery’s belt springs should be designed to be long lasting, reliable and strong. Using a light-duty belt spring in big machinery will only lower the equipment’s efficiency and value. On the other hand, a properly designed belt tensioner spring, one that is specifically designed for heavy duty agricultural use, will allow for maximum drive efficiency and long-lasting results.

Customer Satisfaction Will Rise

If you are trying to cut costs in your manufacturing process, using poorly designed belt springs is not the way to save a couple bucks. It will ultimately cause you devastating losses through customer dissatisfaction. If you use the wrong tensioner belt spring design for your machinery, your customers will notice. They will be unhappy with your products and this will lower their confidence in your company’s abilities as a manufacturer. If customers cannot trust you to choose the right belt spring designs for your products, they will start looking elsewhere—choosing your competitors over your company. This will no doubt lower your profits and affect your bottom line. Instead, when you use well-designed components, you are extending the life of your products, and keeping your customers returning for all their agricultural machinery needs.

Proper Designs Can Lower Costs

When you use well-designed belt tensioner springs in your machinery, you will see your operating and maintenance costs lowered. Your customers will not have any complaints, and will not be coming back to you for repairs. When your tensioner springs are built to tolerate any heavy duty agricultural work, your customers will be guaranteed consistent, reliable tension to get the job done. Manual retensioning will be eliminated, wear and tear will be reduced, the risk of over-tensioning will be avoided, and your machinery’s efficiency rating will increase. Incorrect belt tensioner springs will only lead to energy waste, drive inefficiency, and higher operating costs. The more problems you can avoid with properly designed parts, the more money you will save from maintenance and repair costs. 

Get the Right Design

Not all belt tensioner springs are created equally. Some belt tensioner springs are designed for light duty use, such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, and tillers that are used by the typical homeowner. In agricultural machinery, such as harvesters and tractors, the belt tensioner springs used must be designed with high-quality and heavy use in mind. Choosing the right supplier with the proper belt tensioner spring designs for your powerful and industrial agricultural machinery is vital for the equipment’s long term usability and, ultimately, your customers’ satisfaction.

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5 Reasons Why the Automotive Industry Needs Short Lead Times When Ordering Springs

The automotive industry needs short lead times when ordering springs. Once you place an order, the products need to be manufactured and shipped. Lead time includes the time it takes to order, handle, manufacture, produce, and deliver. We’ve come up with a list of five reasons why the automotive industry needs short leads times when ordering springs.

Save time.

Short lead times mean that you’ll receive your orders faster. Lead time reduction allows you to deliver faster. With short lead times, you can promise your customers faster turnaround time. You can order last-minute product knowing that the lead times are short. By switching to a supplier who can guarantee short lead times, you will be able to streamline the flow of production and increase productivity. Stop wasting time with lengthy lead times and switch to a supplier who can offer short lead times.

Outpace your competition.

Short lead times speed up the delivery process. If competitors are ordering from overseas manufacturers, they’ll be looking at much longer lead times. Beat the competition and win market share by offering unmatched turnaround times. Short lead times will give you the competitive advantage you need.

Reduce stock.

Short lead times allow you to effectively reduce stock. Since you’re able to order new springs quickly, you don’t need to stock tons of inventory. You’ll see a reduction in warehouse space, inventory counting, product damage, obsolete inventory, employees, and overall cost. When you’re dealing with short lead times, your inventory management will inevitably be less complex.

Offer timely custom work.

With short lead times, you can order custom springs to meet your customer’s needs without the additional wait times typically associated with custom work. The competition is ordering product from overseas manufacturers and custom orders will take a while to fill. When you think custom order, you assume it will take significantly longer and cost more to fulfill. Short lead times allow you to guarantee quick turnaround times to your customer, even when custom work is needed.

Grow your business.

Since short lead times allow you to deliver fast turnaround times to your customers, you will improve overall customer service. You will impress customers, prevent lost business, increase cash flow, and secure re-orders. If an item is moving faster than you anticipated, short lead times allow you to replenish your stock quickly, preventing lost sales. You don’t want to have to explain to your customers that you can’t fill their orders on time. This could cost you the relationship and future business with them. They might decide to take their business to your competitor. Lead time has a direct impact on a customer’s perception of business performance. Set your business up for success and growth by choosing a supplier who can guarantee short lead times.

The automotive industry needs short leads times when ordering springs. Choose suppliers with short lead times and increase productivity, save time, outpace competition, offer timely custom work, and grow your business. 

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How to Find the Right Custom Fasteners for Your Industrial Machine

Regardless of the business you are in—healthcare, furniture, automotive, agricultural, environmental, or other—if your company manufactures industrial machines, you may find it difficult to find custom fasteners when you need them. Industrial machines are often unique and distinct, so attempting to find the right fasteners is likely difficult or even impossible.

Fortunately, you can avoid the hassle and frustration of searching endlessly for fasteners that fit the machines you are producing when you buy them custom made.

Here’s how to find the right custom fasteners for the machinery that you manufacture.

Know exactly which size and grade of fasteners you need.

Before you invest in fasteners for your machinery production, make sure you know exactly which size you will need. Diameters and lengths of fasteners vary widely in slight increments. You need to measure your fasteners precisely, to ensure that you are buying the right product from the beginning. When you buy custom made, you will need to provide detailed specifications regarding your unique fasteners, so it is best to know exactly what you need ahead of time.

Find a company that has multiple plating options.

Companies that provide custom-made fasteners can help you define the appropriate plating for your application. Engineering expertise and design support are always included in your custom order, so you know your plating is done according to your needs. Depending on your type of fastener usage, you may need different types of finishes, protection, or plating. With custom plating, you can choose from a wide variety of coatings and finishes, whether you need zinc, manganese, rust inhibitors or something else. You will get precisely what you need in the fasteners you are ordering, with a fast turnaround time.

Find a company with a stocking program.

When a company has a stocking program in place, you will know that your product is always accessible to you, whenever you need it. With stocking programs, you can get large volumes of custom fasteners without the wait. 

Decide if you want customized packaging.

With customized packaging, fastener manufacturing companies can reduce your cost and provide you with accessibility options to reduce wasted time as well. They will package your fasteners according to containers, weight, and size, and ensure that your labelling requirements are met, too. This unique packaging option allows for faster integration with your handling and inventory systems.

Avoid the Hassle with Custom Fasteners.

Most manufacturers only stock the popular, typical sizes and materials of fasteners. If the equipment you are manufacturing is custom made and unique, you could have a very hard time finding fasteners that fit. When you find a company that can customize your fasteners, you know you will always be buying exactly what you need, when you need it. So avoid the headaches of procuring fasteners from one-size-fits-all companies and buy custom-made fasteners for the industrial machines you are manufacturing instead. When you choose custom made, you know you will get the quality and integrity that you are looking for.

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3 Problems With Low Quality Compression Springs

Compression springs are used in a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, industrial, and agricultural businesses, and they come in many different variations of quality. Regardless of the equipment, part, or component that you are manufacturing, you want to ensure that they are of the highest quality so they work properly and last for a long time. Low-quality springs are not effective for long-term uses and will cause you several issues Here are three typical problems you might run into when your compression springs are low quality.

Low-Quality Compression Springs Equal Reduced Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of your compression springs is key to ensuring they work effectively. Using high-grade materials, such as music wire, chrome silicon, hard drawn MB, Inconel, stainless steel, or oil-tempered wire will guarantee that your spring’s tensile strength is optimal for your maximum loads. Low-quality springs with reduced tensile strength material may not be able to handle the intended load or resist the compressive force applied to them. The spring can become disfigured and its mechanical properties can become irregular, unpredictable, and unreliable.

Cheap Springs Lack Corrosion and Temperature Resistance

Using low-quality or incorrect materials can make your springs more vulnerable to the effects of fluctuating high and low temperatures as well as corrosion. When your springs corrode, they will not work effectively and will need to be replaced far more often. As well, high and low temperatures can change springs’ characteristics and lower their effectiveness. Corrosion-free and temperature-resistant springs will allow you to know that you are manufacturing equipment that works properly for a longer period of time, so you will know that the machines or product you are selling are dependable and reliable.

A Low-Quality Product May Not Resist Shock Appropriately

The springs used in the products you make are used to oppose compressive force applied along the linear axis of the spring. If they cannot bear the pressure and resist the shock of this pressure, your customers can severely damage their machinery and possibly render it useless. The products you manufacture will function best with compression springs that are reliable, durable, and effective at handling the pressure of the load and resisting the shock. Avoid manufacturing low-quality machinery because you used low-quality springs. Invest in a product that will do the job you expect it to do, so you can guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Make Sure Your Springs Can Handle the Load

Whether you need conical, straight, or barrel-shaped compression springs in your equipment, you should ensure that they are high in quality. Cheap springs may be less expensive, but lower quality springs will make your product inferior to that of your competition. High-quality springs will give your customers the confidence in knowing that the products they are buying are safe and reliable. A product made of low-quality materials or improperly designed for the application simply is not worth your time and money. When you invest in quality, durability, and reliability, you will be able to ensure your client superior and long-lasting performance.

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How Quick Turn Around Production for Precision Coil Springs Help the Industrial Industry

Precision coil springs are used in many industries including automotive, agricultural, and industrial. Common materials include chrome silicon, oil tempered wire, hard drawn MB, music wire, Inconel, and stainless steel. As a buyer, you want to ensure you receive the quality design and material you need for your production plus you want to receive your orders as quickly as possible. Quick turnaround production for precision coil springs helps the industrial industry in a number of ways.

Save time.

Instead of waiting around for lengthy lead times, opt for a manufacturer who will save you time. If you’re able to get your springs faster, you can complete and deliver your customers’ orders sooner.

Increase productivity.

Your line will be fully productive, 100% of the time, when you work with a manufacturer who can provide quick turnaround times. You will have no unplanned manufacturing down time.

Improve customer service.

Since you’ll be able to get your order of precision coil springs quickly, you’ll be able to deliver to your customers faster than ever before. You will meet and exceed your customers’ expectations by never having a gap in your production and never needing to delay an order from shipping.

Stand out among the competition.

If your competition is ordering parts from an overseas manufacturer, they will have to wait a while to receive their orders, delaying the overall turnaround time. You can provide your customers with quick turnaround times since you’re able to receive your orders quickly with a Canadian firm that is shipping within Canada. When your supplier has expertise in cross border shipping and delivery, there will be no delays so you will beat the competition and win your share of the market.

Deliver quick custom work that won’t break the bank.

Custom orders can cost a fortune and can take forever. Manufacturers who offer quick turnaround production can meet your custom needs in a timely manner. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll receive your custom precision coil springs. A company that has built an expertise in quick prototyping and small batch custom manufacturing is your best bet.

Reduce inventory.

If you’re able to order precision coil springs quickly, there’s no need to stock everything you have ordered. You’ll free up some space and/or save on storage costs when your vendor takes care of stock for you.

Stop losing out on sales.

You could be missing out on sales if you have to delay production while waiting for springs. Your customers don’t want to wait endlessly for their products to be manufactured because you are waiting on parts, and they could take their business somewhere else if you can’t deliver on time.

Grow your business and increase profitability.

With the help of the right supplier, you’ll be able to meet your manufacturing needs quickly and effectively. Work with a supplier who can provide quick turnaround production so you can ensure that your product manufacturing is timely and cost-effective.

Shorter lead times will benefit your business in a number of ways. Use a manufacturer that can guarantee quick turnaround production for your precision coil springs and have the best component for your manufacturing, on time and on budget.

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Wire Form Manufacturing: Do's and Don'ts

There are many manufacturers in the industry that produce wire forms, and it might be daunting to find the best one for your needs. To ensure that you are getting the best quality and service, you need to choose a professional, quality manufacturer to make your product. Here are some qualities to look for in a good manufacturer, so you know what to look for and also what to avoid in your search for wire form purchases.

Good manufacturers have prototyping capabilities.

Wire form parts are often complex, so it’s important to know that the product you are getting is exactly what you had in mind. Recent technological advances in wire form manufacturing allow companies to easily produce prototypes so you know that the components will fit properly into your space requirements. Prototypes can also be changed in minutes, which will allow you to save time and avoid the risk of errors in your design. A good manufacturer will work with prototyping to ensure your wire form is perfect for your needs.

Good manufacturers work with high-quality materials.

When a manufacturer tries to save costs by skimping on high-quality materials, the customer is the one who ultimately loses. Successful manufacturers build wire forms that last and will function properly by using the best quality and properly suited materials on the market.

Good manufacturers don’t limit their sizes or shapes for custom orders.

Customers who are reaching out to find a manufacturer for custom wire form creations do not want to be limited by what sizes and shapes of wire they are allowed to choose from. Whether customers are looking for round, flattened round, or rectangular wire, of any size, they should be able to request whatever they want, and get it without a hassle. With a high-quality manufacturer, there are no limits. The customer can ensure that the wire forms he needs are created exactly to his specifications. There should be no compromising.

Good manufacturers excel in customer service.

Many manufacturers may believe that clients only care about the products they are receiving—but that is far from the truth. They also appreciate great customer service and judge the manufacturer on its service. Reliable customer service is key to a long-lasting business relationship. Successful manufacturers know this—and work with the clients in choosing the right materials for your wire forms, helping with the design and prototype processes, anticipating changing needs with creative solutions, and answering any questions about the manufacturing process.

Great manufacturers ensure that products ship on time.

Part of excellent customer service is making sure that the customer has his wire forms when he needs them. Successful manufacturers know how important it is to get the product to the customer on time, whenever he needs it. Low-level manufacturers often do not worry about the shipping aspect of business, and this can lead to the souring of client relationships and the end of customers’ business at that company.

Don’t trust your wire form manufacturing to a company that can’t provide the high quality products and services that you need. Find a manufacturer that excels in customer service and invests in technology and high-quality materials for your wire forms.

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3 Benefits of Using a Local Bin Bolt Manufacturer

Where do you look for high-quality grain bin bolts? Are you using a local bin bolt manufacturer? Are you importing parts from an offshor

e provider? If you aren’t using a local manufacturer already, you should reconsider. There are so many benefits associated with buying locally. Have a look at these three benefits of using a local bin bolt manufacturer and make the switch.

Get better service with a local manufacturer.

If you use a local bin bolt manufacturer, you will get better service. You can talk to the manufacturer directly, ask questions, voice concerns, and look at physical samples to check quality. If you’re importing materials from elsewhere, you could be dealing with different time zones, which can impede communication. It’s also difficult to request a sample before placing your order. You won’t be able to determine the quality of a product from a picture on your computer. Local manufacturers use North American steel, differentiating them from Asian alternatives. If you receive your order and you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product, you need to try to make arrangements to send the order back, resulting in lost time and money. If you use a local bin bolt manufacturer, you can easily check the quality. 

Get faster delivery with a local manufacturer.

Another benefit of using a local bin bolt manufacturer is fast delivery. The proximity of the manufacturer allows you to review samples, place custom orders, and receive orders faster. You will get your shipments sooner since the materials don’t have far to travel. Having a consistent and reliable source for materials nearby will help you do business with your customers. You can promise timely delivery knowing the parts have a short distance to travel. Is opting for a cheaper, lower quality product from another country going to benefit you in the long run? Think of the time it will take to get to you. Why not just buy locally?

Save on shipping costs with a local manufacturer.

You might find cheaper products if you’re thinking of importing from Asian offshore providers, but if you consider the landed costs associated with shipping the products here, how much are you really saving? Don’t cut corners. Invest in higher quality North American steel and buy locally instead of putting your money toward shipping costs. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product when it arrives, are you going to pay to ship it back? Buy locally and save on shipping costs.

In addition to the better service, faster delivery, and low shipping costs, there are several other benefits of using a local manufacturer for your bin bolts. Buying locally is good for the economy, reduces environmental impact, and creates jobs. If you aren’t already using a local bolt bin manufacturer, you should make the switch. You will save time, money, and get better service.

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3 Qualities of an Excellent Grain Bin Bolt

Are you looking for a new grain bin bolt? It’s important to use high-quality bolts when constructing a new grain bin or when repairing an older grain bin. There are several important factors to consider when you look for the bolts you’re going to use for your grain bin.

Before looking for bolts, make sure you know what type of grain bin you want to build. You should know what the load requirements would be before moving forward. When it comes to finding the right bolts, there are three qualities of an excellent grain bin bolt you should look for.


Don’t cut corners when it comes to selecting a grain bin bolt. The strength of your grain bin will depend on the strength of the materials you use to build it, including the grain bin bolts. If the grain bin bolts are not strong enough, they could fail, destroying the entire grain bin. Grain bin bolts are manufactured from different grades of steel, which will affect the overall strength. Bin bolt sizes and patterns also contribute to strength. Certain sizes and patterns are engineered to maximize strength.


You already know that strength is a key factor in selecting a grain bin bolt. The bin bolt grade will help to determine the strength. You should always check the grade of a grain bin bolt. There are different grades of metal and heat-treating used for bolts and this affects the overall strength. More specifically, the bolt grade correlates to the proof load, yield strength, and tensile strength. High-grade bolts will be able to hold most stresses placed on them. The low-end hardware grade steel is grade 2. This is the least expensive option. A stronger option would be grade 5 bolts. These are hardened to increase strength. Grade 8 bolts are stronger yet. They are hardened even more than grade 5 bolts. These are used in demanding applications. Make sure you understand which grade is best for your project.


Obviously durability should be a top priority when constructing a grain bin. You want this structure to last a long time. Careless threading can cause leaks. Low-quality materials can be damaged in high winds. By selecting high-quality materials, your grain bin will be able to withstand load pressure, weather damage, leaks, rust, and wear and tear.

Ultimately, it is imperative that you understand exactly what you are setting out to construct and which materials will be needed for the job. Remember these three qualities of an excellent grain bin bolt: strength, grade, and durability.  

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5 Problems You Might Face With Old Torsion Springs

It might be time to replace those old torsion springs. Some common applications for torsion springs include: automobiles, agricultural equipment, and construction equipment. It is imperative that springs for machinery are replaced and maintained. Do not neglect old torsion springs. When is the last time you replaced your springs? As these springs age, they become less powerful, exhibiting signs of wear and tear, and can eventually crack or break.

We’ve come up with a list of five problems you might face with old torsion springs. Are you experiencing any of these problems? If so, it may be time to replace them.

Wear and tear

After excessive use, torsion springs will exhibit signs of wear and tear and they will eventually crack or cause damage to the mating part. Once the spring cracks or breaks, you will need to replace it. Avoid sudden problems and costs and replace your old springs before it’s too late. Otherwise you’ll suddenly have to stop what you’re doing and replace a broken spring while your equipment is out of commission. Rather than waiting until they break and having to put everything on hold to fix them, be proactive and replace old torsion springs. If you’re in the agriculture industry, you need durable equipment that will withstand the harsh environments. 

Additional damage

An old torsion spring could potentially cause additional damage if it breaks suddenly. If your garage door spring is old, it could suddenly break, resulting in a shockingly loud and abrupt sound, releasing the heavy door quickly. This could cause damage if there is anything in the way of the door when it is suddenly released. This could even harm you if you are standing in the way when this happens. Exercise caution and replace old springs before any damage is caused.


Torsion springs can accumulate rust over time. If this happens, the lifespan of the spring will be drastically reduced. You might need to replace the spring sooner in this case. The largest cause of spring failures can be account to rust, which is a surface defect. Rust can also cause existing surface defects to become worse, such as nicks or marks.

Poor performance

Over time, torsion springs will lose power and become weaker. Torsion springs work by bending and exerting force. Eventually the spring will weaken, resulting in less powerful force. If you notice a torsion spring is exhibiting less power, it may be time to replace it.


Old torsion springs may not be reliable in harsh weather conditions. Unique materials are often required for those in the agriculture industry to ensure reliable performance in unstable operating environments. Springs can be manufactured in a variety of materials including precious, semi-precious, and standard metals. If you’re dealing with extreme temperatures and extreme pressure loads, we can provide reliable parts that will meet all of your needs.

You might be wondering how long the lifespan for a torsion spring might be. It’s difficult to say how long one of these springs will last. This depends on a number of factors. How often is the spring being used? Under perfect conditions, a standard spring can last millions of cycles. This might seem like a long time to you, but consider how often your farm equipment is used. Plus, it’s unlikely you’re working under perfect conditions. The harsh environment will take a toll. Every time you use that equipment, the spring’s age.

Don’t risk waiting until a torsion spring cracks or breaks. Consider the problems you could face with old torsion springs. Check for rust and take preventative measures to lengthen the lifespan of your torsion springs. Replace old springs when needed. 

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What to Look for in a High Quality Bin Bolt

If you need to make repairs to your grain bin and are looking for new grain bin bolts, you should be looking for high-quality bolts. If you’re constructing a new grain bin, you should ensure you are building with high-quality materials. There are a number of things you should consider when looking for a high-quality grain bin bolt.

What kind of bin bolt do you need?

First of all, what kind of grain bin are you building? Once you determine what type of grain bin you’re going to construct, you can determine what kind of bin bolt you will need. There are many different types of grain bin bolts. There are also several grades and sizes. Be sure you know what kind you need for your production.


It’s important to check the bolt grade. This correlates with the strength, which determines the safe load. Your bin bolts must be strong enough to hold the required load. Different grades of metal may be used resulting in different levels of quality. If you opt for a cheaper, lower quality bin bolt, it will not be able to support as much weight as the high-quality bolts. Depending on the grade, the safe load will vary. Grade 2 is a low end hardware grade steel and is the least expensive. Grade 5 bolts are stronger as they are hardened to increase strength. Grade 8 bolts are even stronger, hardened even more than grade 5 bolts. These are used in demanding applications.


You want to build a grain bin that is going to last. Look for high-quality grain bin bolts to guarantee durability. Check the materials used. Some companies save costs on materials and sell lower quality bin bolts that are more likely to fail under stress. Some bolts are threaded and handled carelessly, so be sure to check the threading. Other external factors can contribute to bolt damage as well, so be sure to use high-quality bolts to construct your grain bin.

You may be tempted to purchase cheaper materials for your manufacturing process, but you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to bin bolts. You want to make sure you are buying high-quality bolts for your grain bin. If the bin bolts you buy aren’t strong enough, your grain bin could split. Where does that leave you? Now you have to spend even more money to repair the damage. Do your homework and find out what you need. Always look for high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability.

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