5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Bin Bolts

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No doubt, you’re going to have a budget when purchasing bolts to construct your new bin. Although you should be conscious of price, this shouldn’t be your only consideration when deciding on where to buy your bin bolts. Buying cheap bolts to save a few bucks up front is going to cost you in more ways than one. You’ll end up with a slew of quality issues that won’t be worth the lowered cost.

Here are five of the top reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap bin bolts.

Damage to the Integrity of Your Bin

When you’re putting thousands of pounds of products into your bin on a regular basis, you want to ensure that it can withstand the loads without any problems. Do you really want walls that will bend and break on impact? If you buy cheap bin bolts, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going to see your bin getting damaged quickly.

The integrity of your bin will be compromised right from the get-go if your bolts aren’t strong and durable enough to be able to withstand the pressures being placed on them. Your bin will fail, regardless of how much care was put into constructing it and how much money you spent on the metal sheets that make up the walls. The nuts and bolts of the structure are just that important—they hold everything together.

Quick Corrosion

By definition, corrosion is the degradation of a metal’s properties, primarily due to moisture. When you buy cheap bin bolts that aren’t protected with a special coating to prevent corrosion from occurring, you’re going to be facing oxide hydrate, or rust, on your fasteners.

Cheap bolts won’t be able to withstand the negative effects of being in contact with outside elements, like rain and snow. Rusty fasteners can lead to the complete failure of your bin. 

Preventing corrosion must be a top priority. Your bolts need to be designed and manufactured with rust protection in mind. You can be sure that if your manufacturer doesn’t care about quality, he certainly won’t care about dishing out more money for the proper protective coating, either.

Difficult Installation

Cheap bin bolts aren’t easy to install. They are ill-fitting and difficult to use. They’re far more likely to break while you’re installing them. This will naturally lead to frustration and additional labour costs. Plus, you’ll have to pay to replace the broken bolts with better ones. Your cheap bolts will cost you more money in hidden costs when they can’t be properly installed.

Poor Protection

You’re constructing a bin in order to protect your assets—you’re spending a lot of time, money, and resources to store your products, and you certainly want to ensure that they’re safe.

But when you buy cheap bin bolts, you won’t be able to guarantee the protection of your stored products. When they’re cheaply made, bolts can have tiny holes and gaps in them and they can be ill-fitting, so they won’t create a tight seal. That means moisture and insects can creep into your bin and spoil your product.

Lost Profits

You’re thinking of buying low-quality bolts in order to save money. But in actuality, this decision can actually cost you more in the end in the form of lost profits. Chances are you’re selling whatever agricultural products you’re keeping in your bin, and if they become damaged due to ill-fitting, cheap bolts that don’t do their job properly, your products will go to waste.

They’ll become mouldy, they’ll take on a bad odour, or they’ll be infested with insects. You won’t be able to sell them, so you’ll lose out on tons of potential profits. Is saving a few bucks up front really worth the potential devastating profit losses you might incur? Don’t take the risk—buy quality bin bolts from the start to ensure maximum protection and profitability.

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