5 Reasons Why the Automotive Industry Needs Short Lead Times When Ordering Springs

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The automotive industry needs short lead times when ordering springs. Once you place an order, the products need to be manufactured and shipped. Lead time includes the time it takes to order, handle, manufacture, produce, and deliver. We’ve come up with a list of five reasons why the automotive industry needs short leads times when ordering springs.

Save time.

Short lead times mean that you’ll receive your orders faster. Lead time reduction allows you to deliver faster. With short lead times, you can promise your customers faster turnaround time. You can order last-minute product knowing that the lead times are short. By switching to a supplier who can guarantee short lead times, you will be able to streamline the flow of production and increase productivity. Stop wasting time with lengthy lead times and switch to a supplier who can offer short lead times.

Outpace your competition.

Short lead times speed up the delivery process. If competitors are ordering from overseas manufacturers, they’ll be looking at much longer lead times. Beat the competition and win market share by offering unmatched turnaround times. Short lead times will give you the competitive advantage you need.

Reduce stock.

Short lead times allow you to effectively reduce stock. Since you’re able to order new springs quickly, you don’t need to stock tons of inventory. You’ll see a reduction in warehouse space, inventory counting, product damage, obsolete inventory, employees, and overall cost. When you’re dealing with short lead times, your inventory management will inevitably be less complex.

Offer timely custom work.

With short lead times, you can order custom springs to meet your customer’s needs without the additional wait times typically associated with custom work. The competition is ordering product from overseas manufacturers and custom orders will take a while to fill. When you think custom order, you assume it will take significantly longer and cost more to fulfill. Short lead times allow you to guarantee quick turnaround times to your customer, even when custom work is needed.

Grow your business.

Since short lead times allow you to deliver fast turnaround times to your customers, you will improve overall customer service. You will impress customers, prevent lost business, increase cash flow, and secure re-orders. If an item is moving faster than you anticipated, short lead times allow you to replenish your stock quickly, preventing lost sales. You don’t want to have to explain to your customers that you can’t fill their orders on time. This could cost you the relationship and future business with them. They might decide to take their business to your competitor. Lead time has a direct impact on a customer’s perception of business performance. Set your business up for success and growth by choosing a supplier who can guarantee short lead times.

The automotive industry needs short leads times when ordering springs. Choose suppliers with short lead times and increase productivity, save time, outpace competition, offer timely custom work, and grow your business. 

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