3 Reasons Why Design Is so Important in Custom Spring Manufacturing

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Custom spring manufacturing is essential to many industries. It allows for unique spring creations that are perfect for your application. The design is the first stage of the custom spring manufacturing process. And it’s the most important one. You must take special care during the design stage. You must be exact in your specifications. You must know your numbers. You must know exactly what you need. Or, you risk creating a product that isn’t ideal for your application.

Here are three reasons why design is so important in custom spring manufacturing.

A Perfect Design Will Create a Perfect Fit

If you want your custom springs to fit flawlessly and seamlessly into your application, you need to ensure your design is perfect. Using blueprints of the application the spring will be placed in, your custom spring manufacturing experts can calculate the precise configurations for your new springs.

They will calculate the solid height needed, the force that will be applied, and the operational environment of the spring, among other design factors. When the design of your spring is custom tailored based on the application, maximum performance, durability, and reliability will be achieved.

On the other hand, if your design isn’t exact, your spring could end up being too weak or too strong to appropriately handle the force applied to it. Or, it might be created with the wrong materials, in the wrong size, or with the wrong coating, which won’t allow it to work optimally.

When you create a perfect design that is based on the exact configurations needed based on your application, you’ll get a perfect fit.

Save Time during the Manufacturing Process

Once your spring is designed, most custom spring manufacturing experts will allow you to test it out during the prototyping stage, if they have the capabilities. This is when a small quantity of your custom spring is created, and you can place it in your product to make sure it works effectively. 

If your spring design wasn’t correct and your testing of the prototype fails, you’ll be back to the drawing board. You’ll have to spend more time trying to figure out where you went wrong. And the more time you waste, the less efficient your own manufacturing process is going to be while your factories are at a standstill.

But with a great spring design, you can go straight to work on your own production line immediately after testing and getting your new springs.

Save Money from Getting It Right the First Time

Unfortunately, not all custom spring manufacturing experts provide prototypes. This is when it’s more important than ever to get the design perfectly accurate the first time around. After the design is done, thousands or millions of your new springs will be manufactured—and you won’t be able to guarantee that they’ll be right for your application. If your design calculations are even just a fraction of a millimeter off, they won’t achieve maximum performance.

So after all of the time and money you spent on manufacturing your ill-fitting custom springs, you’ll have to return them all, start from the beginning, and pay for a whole new shipment. Plus, you’ll be losing out on profits while you’re waiting for your second round of springs to be manufactured.

When your design is precise and accurate the first time, you get to save money—it’ll be perfect for your application and you won’t have to pay to fix any design errors after the fact.

Get the Design Right the First Time

Getting your design calculations correct the first time will ensure that your springs and the products you’re placing them in work optimally. Creating the perfect design the first time around will also allow you to save time and money. To get these three benefits, make sure you choose a reputable supplier for your custom spring manufacturing needs.

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