3 Qualities of an Excellent Grain Bin Bolt

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Are you looking for a new grain bin bolt? It’s important to use high-quality bolts when constructing a new grain bin or when repairing an older grain bin. There are several important factors to consider when you look for the bolts you’re going to use for your grain bin.

Before looking for bolts, make sure you know what type of grain bin you want to build. You should know what the load requirements would be before moving forward. When it comes to finding the right bolts, there are three qualities of an excellent grain bin bolt you should look for.


Don’t cut corners when it comes to selecting a grain bin bolt. The strength of your grain bin will depend on the strength of the materials you use to build it, including the grain bin bolts. If the grain bin bolts are not strong enough, they could fail, destroying the entire grain bin. Grain bin bolts are manufactured from different grades of steel, which will affect the overall strength. Bin bolt sizes and patterns also contribute to strength. Certain sizes and patterns are engineered to maximize strength.


You already know that strength is a key factor in selecting a grain bin bolt. The bin bolt grade will help to determine the strength. You should always check the grade of a grain bin bolt. There are different grades of metal and heat-treating used for bolts and this affects the overall strength. More specifically, the bolt grade correlates to the proof load, yield strength, and tensile strength. High-grade bolts will be able to hold most stresses placed on them. The low-end hardware grade steel is grade 2. This is the least expensive option. A stronger option would be grade 5 bolts. These are hardened to increase strength. Grade 8 bolts are stronger yet. They are hardened even more than grade 5 bolts. These are used in demanding applications. Make sure you understand which grade is best for your project.


Obviously durability should be a top priority when constructing a grain bin. You want this structure to last a long time. Careless threading can cause leaks. Low-quality materials can be damaged in high winds. By selecting high-quality materials, your grain bin will be able to withstand load pressure, weather damage, leaks, rust, and wear and tear.

Ultimately, it is imperative that you understand exactly what you are setting out to construct and which materials will be needed for the job. Remember these three qualities of an excellent grain bin bolt: strength, grade, and durability.  

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